SMS | Faerie – 2am


The first of the two tracks from the New York artist is Fever Dream, an utterly exuberant pop hit where Christine really gets into her performance; not only is she great on a technical level, but she sells the writing and brings it to a shining life, conveying that desperation for the attention from your lover and being anxious and uncertain on whether they truly care for you.

Secondly is White Noise, which details that almost claustrophobic sensation of being locked up in insolation for an extended period of time. Aside from being well written, this is sonically even better than its sister song, with an extra focus on producing a catchy dance beat that is infectiously enthralling, topped off by a stellar chorus.

It may be short, but Faerie’s new EP is definitely sweet, a quick but wonderful showcase of the terrifically addictive music that she has to offer to the world.


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