SMS | The Young Hearts – The Modern State

THE YOUNG HEARTS – The Modern State

It’s been a long time coming, but after many years and multiple hurdles, including a certain pandemic you might have read about somewhere, the Kent alt punk-rockers are bracing themselves for the release of their debut album, and man, they have delivered excellent results, and then some.

As early as the jovial opener Wild & Reckless, there’s a tonne of spirit displayed in the great vocals that spark immediate audience interest in the lyrics which are quite investing, with a major focus on the crazy ups and downs of growing up as a young adult, an element that so many can connect with and understand on several layers.

The guitar work is consistently smashing and the rhythms often drive an intoxicating energy that further elates the buzz, unless effectively drawn back as in Anchors, plus there’s certainly no shortage of banging choruses, with the best including the likes of Easy Life, London and especially Still Wander.

The Young Hearts have built a legitimate brand for themselves that is perfectly captured here in an all-around passionate, relatable and emotionally bonding record.


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