SMS | The Soviet Machines – The Soviet Machines


Get Your Kicks is a simple yet great starter for ten with an appealing classic rock buzz going, and they keep that sparked energy rolling higher in the bouncing You Should Kill Me, especially with the mental frenzied riff solos in the finishing sequence.

Baby We’re Gonna Die flows along to a grooving rhythm with an extra bite in the basslines, while the guitars and particularly the drum beats are explicitly amplified to another level with Two Shots.

All We Are is another solid and catchy cut although honestly it doesn’t bring much new to the table, but Better Way makes up for it, being an awesome, definite return to dynamic form in every manner imaginable, before the guys ease out with the steadily-paced Bittersweet Angel.

The Minneapolis boys have killed it in their self-titled debut effort, treating us to a fairly tight and consistent fun selection of tunes that have you coming alive and feeling good. Granted, it’s short, but it serves its purpose damn well.


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