SMS | Scarred – Scarred


If you want the epitome of metal music done as perfect as possible, setting a mighty high bar for others to follow, then I suggest focusing your attention on Luxemburg group Scarred, who are set to release their third eponymous LP, and I’ll go ahead and say with confidence that this is hands down the best record of 2021 so far.

Once you’re engaged by intro, they deliver optimal performances right from the offset with the single Mirage, a trojan banger that gives you everything you want from an ideal death metal track; powerful screams, stringent riffs, hefty bass-toned rhythms and ferociously dynamic drumming; and from there on out, the rest of the album follows suit in a phenomenal fashion.

The quality is on strong form throughout and the exhilarating energy never ceases. Among the endless highlights, AD Something, Chupacabra and Petrichor are ridiculously off-the-chart assaults. Merry-Go-Round features impressive singing, In Silent Darkness is a great prolonged instrumental piece, and the choruses of Nothing Instead and Dance Of The Giants kick major ass. Heck, even the various interludes are vivid.

No bones about it, Scarred’s latest effort is a freaking masterwork with an epic quality that never diminishes even after a multitude of repeated listens.


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