SMS | Novae Militiae – Topheth


Man, if you want to talk about black metal in its absolute purest and more primal form, you get exactly that with this formidable French outfit’s latest album release, and I have no qualms in declaring this one of the dankest and heaviest records I’ve discovered in some time.

Entering into an unnerving, muted wave of sound that sparks a sheerly potent sense of atmosphere, they soon explode into an unrelenting, ear-shattering charge of strident noise, consisting of palpable guitars, bloody kinetic drumming, fierce growls, and impressive deep choir-like chants, all while maintaining a dark and brutal setting.

The immense power brought forward throughout the series of meaty endurances is nothing to be scoffed at, and it’s that quality that really keeps you engrossed for the near-hour the LP exists despite the limited variety brought to the table. A must-buy for fans of this genre.



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