SMS | The Fear Within – Lies / Beyond / Quarantine

THE FEAR WITHINLies/Beyond/Quarantine

It’s not often you begin a record with a hidden track, but the trio decide to mix it up and chuck it on first, and a good choice too with it being an awesomely energetic banger with a strong chorus and a few minor breakdowns sneaked in.

Lies belts out a vast amount of hardy riffs that further pump you up while the lyrics keep you involved, there’s an extra dose of passion that comes with Beyond, particularly in the case of the fervent singing, and lastly is Quarantine, which is such an exciting and infectious blast from start to finish, complete with a dynamic rhythm, catchy hooks and an overwhelming fiery energy.

A supreme debut effort from the Spanish post-hardcore outfit who have shown a heap of promise with this EP, and I sure as hell will be keeping a close eye on them from here on out.


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