SMS | Ian:O – Music Incompatible With Life

IAN:OMusic Incompatible With Life

Hailing from Aldershot, Ian is sure as heck a busy man, keeping himself occupied in a variety of different acts and ventures, one of them being his solo experiment electronic project, which has most recently spawned his album right here.

The record consists of various pieces reliant on generating a rich and enveloping atmosphere, and for the most part, Ian succeeds in this facet, with the instrumentals resonating with such a pristine quality that’s a joy to the ears, and when you’ve got headphones available, it’s all the more rewarding.

Although there’s plenty of nice sequences, there are also various sections throughout with a distinctively unnerving feel courtesy of darker notes, cinching beats and haunting screeches, and with the addition of firm underlying bass, it really encapsulates you.

It’s not without flaws, admittedly. Some of the tracks can drag out a lot longer than necessary and there aren’t any that particularly stand out on their own, but if you can’t get past these minor issues, then you’ll certainly get a kick out of this euphorically gripping score.


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