SMS | Sumeru – Blood Ordinance

SUMERUBlood Ordinance

The Sydney metal quintet have emerged as a celebrated act and a force to be reckoned with in the Australian underground metal community, and if, like me, you’ve been unfortunately oblivious to what the guys have to offer, then their forthcoming Blood Ordinance EP makes for a quick yet insanely effective introduction.

Within mere seconds into Cold Chamber, controlled chaos unfolds and the intensity is roped up to a high level quickly thanks to a barrage of deathly riffs, a bulky incensed rhythm charging at full throttles, and mightily vigorous screams, before moving into a sludge-influenced latter half that is equally radical and gut-punching.

After a prolonged period of unsettling silence, they kick it back up multiple gears for the bloody awesome Foundry Of Dread, which is a no holds barred, frantic volley with a mental pace and the performances doubling in effort, making for a psychopathic track that is beyond words.


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