SMS | Slow Loris – Sounds Hoof


As the guys get going with the steadily-paced Hammer, they don’t take long to show off features of technical math/post-rock in their music, with an array of cracking guitar licks and refined drumming aplenty. Conspicuously dense bass chords enter the fray in Loose Handler, where they also begin to tune up the tempo and form a tense, jittery mood of sorts that makes it all the more enticing.

As per its namesake, Spooky House has a series of strange sound bites chucked in, and the energy now really starts to be amplified, especially with the sharp riffs and the faint yet harsh waves in the background. The title track is calmer at first but builds power over time, and the closing Borm isn’t too different in that regard, patiently growing into an overall sweet number to end things on.

The 2nd EP from the Leeds troupe is a great collection of cool progressive pieces constantly putting on admirable displays of flair that only get groovier and more laudable with every listen.


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