SMS | Orwells ’84 – Truth Is The First Victim

ORWELLS ’84Truth Is The First Victim

You Took The Night has a gracefully jumping melody to it, with the guitars and strings meshing strongly and the vocals displaying a lot of gusto straight off the bat. The good times roll ahead with On The Road, suited with easily enthralling lyrics, and the writing only steps up in She Is So Sweet with it’s pleasingly loving themes, plus the instrumental performances are at their best yet across the board, especially in the flute and piano, and these help infuse a Celtic feel to the whole thing.

There’s an overwhelming change in the air moving into Cailin, which starts off reeled back and gradually builds up as it goes with a bit of a cloudier edge than before, soon leading into a boisterous second half, and the singing throughout is top notch, and a similar feeling is retained in the absolutely enchanting The Ballad Of Frank Owens, the best of the lot that makes for a worthy climax.

This is an impressively outstanding EP from top to bottom, and as a result, Orwells ’84 easily rank as one of my all-time favourite Irish discoveries courtesy of this stellar product.


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