SMS | Dilip & Otxhello – Late Year


When you get 2 platinum-certified producers together on the same project, you’re most likely going to get shining results, and that’s exactly the case here with Dilip and Otxhello’s collaboration EP.

The intro of Play serves as an awesomely majestic entrance to the record before digging into a cool sound merging R&B influences with drum ‘n’ bass elements, becoming more sweetly ambient in Sinking, with the brief A True Story continuing that trend with its light piano work.

Freeze is an addictive, silky sleek synth-wave bop, and Make It Count has an oh-so-pleasurable groove to it. They then kick it up a significant gear with the freakishly catchy A-1, before easing out nice and finely with BE U.

So naturally, Late Year is insanely great and should be a priority listen for any electronic music fan. Another notch in the belts for two ridiculous successful guys who are still so young and guaranteed to bring us even better stuff in the future.


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