SMS | Damaged Goodz & Butterscotch – Brothers From Another Planet

DAMAGED GOODZ & BUTTERSCOTCH – Brothers From Another Planet

Now I may be new to Damaged Goodz, but it’s clear that he’s been around the block for some time now, becoming a featured hip hop mainstay of the Highlands scene, and damn, you couldn’t get a better introduction than through his latest project, which sees him collaborating with fellow veteran Butterscotch, and in bloody impressive fashion too.

Both of the men’s performances are on top form, each bringing a distinct style in their turns but also matching up perfectly all the same. The verses are consistently slick and magnetic, the rhymes have a firm punch, and the quick-witted writing is great, particularly when digging into the recurring theme of how the world around them has changed as they get older but they’re still strong in their games, plus they batter out a series of fiercely contagious hooks throughout that have you fondly remembering the tracks long after.

Also a tonne of credit has to go to DJ Zeeny who handles the production side of things and he is fantastic, not holding back in creating pieces that are incredibly intoxicating and catchy as all hell, helping in not only elevate the pulse but accentuating the rapping and especially the lyrics to another level with an added weight.


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