SMS | Burden Men & OTHRS – Grievance


The Grievance split EP brings us a short yet mighty dose of heavy rewards from a pair of superb Australian underground metal acts.

Sydney trio Burden Man are up first with a duo of hard-hitters; Hours Of Emptiness is a formidably dank, morbid track that grips you in an uncompromising manner, rocking your senses while pounding away at your brain with perpetually battering beats until it settles towards the end, smoothly transitioning into the initially muted and ambient Desire For Silence which features some great low-pitch harmonies, but naturally the previous power is gradually restored and we get another belter with delish riffs and super-thick bass tones.

Afterwards, it’s OTHRS’ turn, and while he only presents one original number, Concrete Graveyard, the Brisbane artist makes the absolute most of the duration, plastering it with these strong, harsh and fearsome screams that fit seamlessly with the hellish auditory environment forged from an endlessly noisy wave of aggressive guitars as well as deep bass chords, furiously rampant drum shots and sharp synth sounds. But it doesn’t stop here, as he offers a smashing rendition of Horseback’s Invisible Mountain as a cheeky bonus.

As a rookie listener to these two, I’m bloody impressed to say the least. One of the best splits I’ve heard in the longest time across the board, and both Burden Men and OTHRS deserve more recognition in the Australian scene for sure.


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