SMS | Nelson Savage – Cracked Beyond Repair

NELSON SAVAGECracked Beyond Repair

The heavily underrated Edinburgh outfit have been capable hands since arriving on the scene, over the last few years providing audiences with a nice and sharp bunch of records, and we’ve got more of that same quality calibre material in their latest EP.

Tangibly soulful lyrics are without a doubt the band’s strongest element. and this might just feature their best work to date in that area, as they really do feel personal and put you in the hotseat of the themes and scenarios detailed; Bricks and Glasgow Coma Scale make a proper impact for this reason.

The great alt-punk melodies are herded by the cracking riff work while the rhythms have a tight recurrent drive to them that swaps between being easy-going and laidback, and more pumped up and energetic when the situation calls for it, and in the case of tunes such as Kings Of The Inbetween and especially Auctioneering, there’s also some pretty entertaining choruses squeezed in too.


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