SMS | Ink4Ivy – Not Another Demotape

INK4IVYNot Another Demotape

It takes a real ambitious moxie for folks to get together and form a band in the midst of a global pandemic, but this Germany pop-punk troupe took the plunge, and while the live and touring circuits are out of the question, they have kept busy producing a bountiful amount of material, and this brings us to their debut EP right here which is undeniably a quality result.

Everything you could ask for from an act of the genre, they provide in spades; eager vocals with a sizable spirit behind them, bustling melodies loaded with catchy hooks spread throughout, nice riffs and rhythm work, and just an infectious energy in general.

Older Nights has such an intoxicating buzz to it that gets you all hyped up big time, while When We’ve Started and Last Summer are solid, light-hearted bouncy tunes in their own rights. The lyrics are on noticeably strong form in Down A Hole, and with Echo, they finish off in the same manner as they started; in a cheerfully bright and lively fashion to send you away all fuzzy and happy inside.


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