SMS | High/Low – Cyclops


The decade-long fuzzy grunge veterans from Essex continue their journey with the latest addition to their catalog: a loaded album consisting of 16 stonking tracks, but don’t be alarmed if you think you’re in for a marathon, because this is a fast and furious sprint that dishes out swift, short and to-the-point belters within a matter of 35 minutes.

The songs are kitted out with various strong elements such as grooving guitar sequences, sturdy bass tones and clattering drum rattles, all of which are teamed up efficiently to ignite a blusterous energy that is consistently present and keeping the thrill levels quite high.

Despite the hefty volume of tunes upfront, the guys do enough to mix up the styles so that the overall listen is fresh and, in conjunction with the aforementioned buzz, ultimately fun right up until the end, with top picks including Still Apart, Let It Fade, Glasgow and the mental instrumental cut Surf Cops Theme.

Additional thumbs up for the good vocals and the more-often-than-not nice writing, and you have yourself a nifty, tight package.


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