SMS | Pretty Preachers Club – Going Nowhere Fast


The Glaswegian bedroom pop duo came to be in 2020 and kept very busy throughout the hectic year with a variety of releases – which I’m guiltily late to the party on – and this included their debut Going Nowhere Fast EP which I’ll say straight off the bat is simply marvellous and hooked me as a fan instantly.

The harmonies are so pure and stellar, and the pair blend together effortlessly in that regard, and just as effortless is their ability to draw you into the lyrics which are equally latching, mostly relating to the frustrations of a relationship not seemingly progressing anytime soon; hence the record’s title.

And oh my, the utilised piano keys and synths are gloriously ravishing too, forging a beautifully comforting atmosphere in the surroundings and making for cushioned melodies that are soft and harmonious, while the simple beats push forward the nice and tender rhythms.

The title track is the ultimate example which best displays the above elements, but the mighty fine Could Be Worse also stands out in particular with its rockier feel courtesy of the savoury combo of acoustic and electric chords, and If You Like and Hey Boy are real beauties brimming with graceful emotions; the latter extra amplified by the dreamy strings.


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