SMS | Odd Saints – Blame The Young

ODD SAINTSBlame The Young

So truthfully, I know little to nothing about this Murrieta, CA indie-pop-rock outfit, but what I can say for sure after they cropped up on my Instagram via the power of sponsored ads and I took the time to check out their Blame The Young EP is that they are good at what they do.

As an intro, Recognize was the perfect option, building up the pace before bursting into an excitable frenzy sparked by the cool mix of decent riffs, stocky drumming, and addictively twinkling synths.

From there, they’re off to the races and keep that buzz alight to the end, with each song one after the another delivering awfully good melodies, interesting lyrics, and best of all, smashing choruses to invigorate your serotonin levels to a satisfying degree; the highlights being the titular number and the charmingly fluorescent See You Later.

They promised music worth singing and dancing to, and I can confirm with this solid and engaging effort that there’s no false advertising here.


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