SMS | The Raft – Summerheads And Winter Beds

THE RAFTSummerheads And Winter Beds

You couldn’t ask for a more promising start than Clear Water, which is quick to establish a skin-tingling fluorescent, synth-infused atmosphere that only grows in size as it progresses, then There’s No Going Back has a mixed post-punk/shoegaze character to it and features polished vocals, engaging guitars and a few hints of juicy trumpet dotted in spots.

The chorus of So Bright is utterly addicting, Hold Back The World is gorgeously ambient, and although You’re An Animal falls more into a basic category, the follow-up Skeletons is another embracing track transforming into a high-octane dazzler in the second half.

Then comes a slog where Another Day is simply fine and Heavy Metal Eyes overstays it welcome, but thankfully Thinking About You grabs your attention immediately with grooving basslines which remain prevalent throughout the entirety of this pleasingly light-hearted ditty.

The likes of soft harmonies, excellent chords and vibrant electronics help make Twisting a satisfying melodic cut, with This Is War following suit in that regard. You Need Me radiates with an intoxicating energy, and last but certainly not least is The Story Or The Song, which serves as a sublime conclusion.

Underground music veteran Phil Wilson is a highly underrated talent, and this album is pure evidence of that fact. Granted, a couple of songs could have been put aside and there are instances where the pace can drag a little, but aside from that, this is a very rich record that, when at its peak, is simply out of this world and is guaranteed to provide a meditative, musing listening experience.


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