SMS | Sinn – Malevolent


Following on from a decent building intro, the guys kick it into full-gear for Half-Life, a palpably dynamic opening number featuring obscene screams and a wholly charged rhythm, and they don’t hold anything back as fire into Limbic Resonance with that same intensity; in fact, you could argue it’s raised up even further, from the swift pace to the energised guitar work.

A thick battering of the drums and then it’s onto Moses, which is shorter but clobbers with an enforced aggressiveness. Vanta Black starts off deceptively quiet, but lo and behold, of course we get another banger, and easily the catchiest of the lot so far with several cool hooks to boot, great clean harmonies, and a few immense guitar solos escalating the energy to an unfathomable level.

After that, the title track makes for an ideal closer dishing out last time blast of wholesome heavy goodness, finishing off a cracking EP from the promising Virginia metal trio who have entered 2021 off with a considerable bang.


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