SMS | Shells – Colours


Instantly, all your focus is pinpointed towards the sublime opener Heart Beating which is very rich production-wise from the get-go, and it only gets better as SHELLS blesses us with a tight combo of stunning vocals, sweet instrumentals and fixating lyrics. She only continues to positively sway with Mexico, which is sonically sleek and ambient, embracing you with this undeniably comforting warmth that is reflected nicely in the writing.

Like I Love You is hands down SHELLS’ best track to date, thanks to its stellar synth-based melody, highly addictive beats and the insanely ravishing chorus, and throughout it all, the harmonies reach an excellently impressive peak. Another One starts off completely acapella, but soon enough multiple layers are added on piece by piece, leading to an infectiously pulsing number that urges you to dig down deep and strut your stuff.

It’s been a long 4 year wait for SHELLS to drop her sophomore record, but talk about patience paying off, because this is an utterly fantastic, bountiful EP that improves upon virtually every aspect of the electro-pop artist’s initial debut, and for all the hell 2020 put the world through, at least it wrapped up on a superbly positive note thanks to this.


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