SMS | Matt Charleston – Songs For The Weekend

MATT CHARLESTONSongs For The Weekend

The Sydney man has commenced 2021 in a respectable fashion with an album that is quite the relaxing experience, where the writing is engaging and the music itself is easy on the ears, but that’s not to say there’s a shortage of bright, energetic sequences that raise the bar, for there are plenty of those on hand too.

Most of the number are enjoyable little ditties gleaming with a mixture of influences ranging between pop, country and a hint of rock also featuring memorably encapsulating lyrics; highlights including Lovers Lane, Great Western Highway and Living The Dream.

Meanwhile, the likes of Smallest Time and Love And Navigation up the ante with some extra melodic flavour and distinctly catchy hooks, and if that wasn’t enough, Matt enlists the help of a series of guests that improve the songs even further.


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