SMS | Kerri Watt – Neptune’s Daughter

KERRI WATTNeptune’s Daughter

It’s no secret that Kerri Watt has been pegged as a future major star in the Scottish scene, but wow, she has gone above and beyond with Neptune’s Daughter, which is from bell to bell a sensational romp that sparks a variety of tangible emotions.

Attached are an endless list of infectiously rousing pop jams, ranging from the hair-raising, lyrically notable Chasing Aeroplanes, to the unfiltered country-influenced bop Jessie, to the frenzied whirlwind that is the soulful title track; each containing strong choruses, eager singing, brilliant hooks, energised catchy rhythms, and just bright and bouncy vibes overall.

But there are a few selections that hit the mark in a different fashion, such as the cool and atmospheric Cut Me Loose, the rich and fiercely engrossing standout Hellfire, and the touching, piano-focused culminating ballad, I Wanna Sing For You.

As if it wasn’t obvious enough by this point, Kerri is indeed a superstar in the making, and this album is surely guaranteed to stand tall as one of the prime debut records of 2021, mark my words.



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