SMS #6 | Walt Disco – Young Hard And Handsome

Oh lordy lordy, I’ve been buzzing for this one to come out for ages. Within the post-punk realm of the Scottish scene, very few have matched up to the glory of Glasgow ensemble Walt Disco; the peeps quickly carving themselves a solid legacy over the last couple of years or so, and this leads us to the release of their brand spanking new EP – Young Hard And Handsome.

A sparkling wave of electric organs greet us to Hey Boy, a devilishly catchy and stirring track that hops along to a broad, thundering beat, sinking into the brain with simple yet contagious as heck lyrics and an effective group session of harmonies driving the jamming melody.

But the hysteria only escalates to an unfathomable degree with the pure awesome Cut Your Hair, defined by some deep, sexy bass chords and addictively snappy synths of various shapes and sizes. The chorus is an energetic blast, and James’ frisky, insanely far-reaching voice is truly something to behold.

Not ones to let the party die down, the band keep the pace up with the juicy I’m What You Want, loaded with a multitude of layered overdub hooks that raise the scale, and it’s hoisted up all the more by a perfect blend of great guitar work and top notch drumming.

And lastly is the euphorically gorgeous Heather, which is so soft and blissful in its tone, characterised by this heavenly atmosphere, but the real highlight comes from the beautifully caring and affectionate writing; the best and most mature on this record by a mile; and the singing again is as fantastic as it gets.

You couldn’t have asked for anything more flawless than what Walt Disco have delivered here. Young Hard And Handsome is a supreme achievement, a rare feat in producing a collection of songs that are perfect and employ their own unique elements to ensure they stand out from the pack while still ensuring they collectively make a long-lasting impact.

This may very well be the best EP in all of 2020, and one of the best records of the year as a whole, for that matter. It’s a sheer delight, and Walt Disco have massive things to look forward to in the not too distant future.


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