SMS #5 | The Roly Mo – TRM

The ongoing pandemic might have put a complete damper on the music industry in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped Glasgow boys The Roly Mo from continuing on the scorching hype train that they’ve been riding for the better part of the last year.

The quartet have worked their backs off to ensure they are on the map as one of Scotland’s most promising acts, and they’ve done a bang up job living up to that with their superb debut TRM EP.

They bash out the gates in walloping fashion with She’s So Hot, sprinting through at a pace so mental that there’s barely any room to squeeze the vocals in between the blaring riffs and frantic rhythm section. Now that they have us hooked in, they ease it up for Diamond Doll, which is carried through by these not so subtly thick, ringing beats, proceeding at a steady tempo and delivering pretty solid writing.

The energy is rolled back up for Count To Ten, a standard yet still entertaining and memorable enough indie rock cut, but then comes Stuck In A Rut, and holy bejesus, talk about a blinder. The guys go thoroughly all in off the charts with an electrifying tune that is fast, furious, and openly aggressive, especially through the provocative, unyielding singing.

The mayhem only continues on with I’ll Be Happy When You Die, and the coarsely bitter tone perfectly matches the title, and the lyrics as a whole for that matter, wilfully dripping with rugged punk influences, and wrapping things up is the catchy, bounding Control Yourself.

A mighty impressive effort from The Roly Mo produced with high expectations that have been lived up to with ease. There’s a reason they are accumulating a rising fanbase, there’s a reason they are earning national airplay, and there’s a reason that websites and publications from all corners have showered them with praise – they are damn fine at what they do.


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