SMS #4 | GRAVELLE – Obsessions

You know, it’s just occurred to me that 2018 was a pivotal year of discovery for myself. Looking back, I seemed to have uncovered so many of my favourites around that period, and Livingston post-punk duo GRAVELLE fall into that pool.

Their debut Liquid Skin EP really caught my attention, and I would spread the word about them any chance I could, seeing the potential that they held, and now 2 years later, following a slow and steady rise, they’ve upped their games in a noteworthy fashion with the much anticipated follow-up – Obsessions.

They don’t spare any expense, sparking a fiery energy straight from the offset with Disappear, bursting through with a radical buzz that consists of a thrashing of sharp effects and shrieking chords while Kyle takes the lead with some fine singing.

But things only get real tasty with the first of the singles, Shedding Skin, and to get straight to the point, this is their best track to date, featuring a deviously dark and brooding atmosphere lingering throughout with their trademark gothic vibe, magnetic lyrics, an exuberantly slick beat, great riffs, and Monique delivering the most chillingly irresistible vocal performance imaginable.

The excitement is launched back to thrilling levels with The Worst, erupting in a freakishly stimulating barrage that shakes the senses, the main element in achieving that being the wild and ferocious guitars, and all the while you’re pulled in to the effectively unsettling writing.

And capping it off is the other single, Waste Your Time, another wonderfully ruminating track which contains a catchy chorus and does damn well in getting you suckered in, highlighted by Kyle’s legitimately spine-tingling whispers that just seep into your eardrums in an unnerving manner.

GRAVELLE have continuously impressed me as they improve with each passing day, and Obsessions has not only certified their development, but surpassed expectations and proved that the pairing are indeed special. Whether you fancy content that is raw and electric, or ambiently captivating, they are evidently capable of pretty much anything your heart desires by this point.


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