SMS #3 | KLEOPATRA – Machina

The music industry doesn’t have enough androids involved, does it? In light of this, Glasgow artist KLEOPATRA has made a mark and stamped herself as one of the Scottish scene’s most intriguing commodities.

2020 has not only been a year where, despite the global chaos, she has truly strived and garnered a tonne of attention, but it’s also where I came to be aware of her; initially being drawn in by her terrifically gorgeous single Ukiyo; and she’s retained me as a loving fan with her brand new EP – Machina.

We’re hit with a series of effects and samples as Pretty Bones kicks off, before Emma makes her presence felt with seductively sleek vocals that pull you in while you’re treated to some interesting lyrics and a ravishingly catchy beat. Xanax simmers the buzz down a touch to present a track that is calmer and keeps you engaged with a distinctly more emotional, sombre tone of sorts.

In contrast, the groovy title number is a lot more harsh and in your face with its style, switching between this alienating, out-of-this-world vibe and a sudden barrage of rugged screeches, and the finale Generic isn’t too different in that regard, although being extra melodic with Emma reeling it forward with her usual display of tender, luscious singing, and the chorus is left ringing in your head afterwards.

All in all, Machina is a fabulous work of art that has firmly established KLEOPATRA as one of the most valuable electronic/dark pop artists that Scotland has the pleasure of calling their own.

Technically, Emma has been around the block for a while now, but there’s no shadow of a doubt that 2020 is her year, and the beginning of greater things that lie beyond the horizon.


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