SMS | Vent – Escape From Myself


VENTEscape From Myself

In a snap, Vent wakes you right up, being a massive, imposing intro, before properly getting going with Punchline which, despite being a little over the place timing-wise, establishes this awesome, unrelenting hardcore sound in the same vein as Employed To Serve and Frontierer, and it’s only emphasised by a manic, lung-bursting pace and a damn good breakdown.

Things are tightened up better in Stuck, where they throw out these great, crazed vocals, rampant drum flares and grimy bass chords, and lastly is Reveal, which hits out with raw riffs, a pounding seismic rhythm and an insane energy that is outright infectious.

I had no idea about this group until last week, and it sure as hell didn’t take long for me to get hooked. They just grab you by the throat and force you onto this very short yet very wild ride, so a couple of nagging flaws aside, Escape From Myself is a banging debut.

Maybe a ballsy long shot considering they’re practically in their infancy, but I believe Vent have already got the tools to certify themselves as major players in the Scottish metal scene.


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