SMS | Mother Focus – Mezzo Forte



As is their wont, the outfit spring on us an enticingly infectious belter of a track in the form of their latest single Lady Fortuna to kick off the proceedings, highlighted by bright keys, sexy sounding bass tones and a great guitar solo. They continue the party with Shine Two, which is also awfully catchy and particularly defined by marvelously dazzling synths, nice cymbal-focused beats and ravishing harmonies.

The excitement only escalates to the nth degree with Paradise, where the drumming is at it’s most powerful and the overall energy is off the freaking charts. But do they finally slow down with the closing tune, Quiz Machine? Don’t be ridiculous, they just increase the pace to it’s limit and coax an urge to start dancing and flailing around like a lunatic, it’s just that bloody intoxicating.

No bones about it, Mother Focus’ debut record is sensationally awesome, a masterwork in terms of generating a breath-taking buzz that words can’t do justice for.

Without a hint of hesitant doubt, this can be easily classed as one of the best Scottish EPs to have emerged in 2020 to this point, and this band badly warrant more public attention for their sparkling skills.


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