SMS | Courage My Love – SPECTRA



Teenagers is about as infectious as an opener gets, pulling you in straight away with a vibrant pop vibe and a bubbly chorus, and they only step it up a notch with Original, which may be one of the best written songs they’ve ever produced to date, in particular with the many charming references to the 80’s, ranging from Cyndi Lauper to Michael Jackson – that’s only scratching the surface, too – and the sound compliments it nicely.

Speaking of which, the EP notably begins to follow a similar trend sound-wise, continuing into Girls, littered with these exuberant guitar chords and fuzzy drum shots. Slow Motion is a nice catchy number with more great lyrics and is built upon warm, silky bass tones, and Harlequin Romance is surrounded in this blissfully velvety ambience; this especially applied through the super sweet synths; while being driven by these contrasting thumping beats.

Everybody’s Lonely is another highlight in regard to the writing, and is also the most energetic cut so far, soon closing out with one of the most stunning climaxes to any record of 2020, Sleeptalker, which is ripe with emotions that spill through the Arn-Horn twins’ powerfully glowing harmonies.

In my mind, Courage My Love only get better with each passing year, and SPECTRA is the cream of their already luxurious crop. The Kitchener trio are smart enough to know that in order to stay current and elevate their status, they need to continually freshen up their game and develop their talents, and that couldn’t be any more clearly evident than here.

There’s a little of everything – energy, atmosphere, joyfulness, thoughtfulness, straight up fun, and pure sincerity – and with every listen, my love and respect for the tremendously talented, internationally renowned group grows fonder.


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