SMS | Ticker Tape – Leap Year



A short but slick opener, NYE is smooth in the offset but picks things up in no time flat with swift drum flurries and the like. The opening third of Vacation Town is quite easy-going and treats us to some meaningful lyrics, then the dial is flicked back up to give us a cracking, catchy chorus, among other things.

Anything//Everything is a fantastic loving piece with a considerable size to it, mostly coming as a result of the great guitars and impassioned vocals, also accompanied by tip-top overdubs. Spring is an immensely wild blast that ramps up the buzz to an unfathomable degree, and a rollicking rhythm helps keep that energy rolling hard in Westport, with the pace only lowered for a nice string-based section before launching into a hot climax to wrap up what is an awfully well-layered track.

Song No 6 is the most low-key cut yet, and the most emotional by a fair margin in regard to both the vocal performance and the writing, plus it’s carried by some mellow bass chords and chilled trumpets. The brief but electric Ball Game serves as the bridge into the peppy and pretty memorable Dog Days.

There’s a lot of flair to the drumming in Jukebox; after which is Coney Island, another stripped back tune and the album’s outstanding highlight, being so raw and palpable in its sensitivity, showcasing some very magnetic and heartfelt lyrics brought to life beautifully by the pleasingly warm singing.

It’s back to business as normal with the fun and chipper Bleeding Out, the middle sequence especially bringing a smile to the face, and finally things culminate with the sweet Calendar Year.

As far as the USA is concerned, the New York quartet are hands down one of the most noteworthy discoveries as of late, showing off their mighty talents through an excellent record featuring such a diverse collection of numbers that don’t necessarily stick to/fall under one specific genre, instead visibly incorporating a blend of ingredients from the likes of pop-punk, emo and indie rock, and to their advantage.

Ticker Tape’s sophomore effort is undoubtedly one of the best from across the board this year, and it’s about time their name becomes more of a major facet in the mainstream scene.


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