SMS | The Girl Who Cried Wolf – Crazy Things



Turn The Page shimmers with these dark, haunting electronics, in time being led on by Lauren’s bewitching voice, repeating the lyrics until they are glued in your subconscious, as well as a smooth beat that picks up sharply in the closing minute.

Next up from that is Crutch, which is so catchy and quite captivating with its snazzy, addictive melody, and the rhythmic title track has a dazzling sound that flows and develops from the beginning to the end, and is defined by perhaps the most magnetic writing of the lot.

Drop To My Knees is a solid number with a sweet chorus and effectively vindictive tone to it, and lastly, Bad Weather makes for a decent finish that continues the trends from past songs.

Just short of a year on from their debut, yours truly has long anticipated a record from the Glasgow duo, and the final result is something pretty satisfying. Granted, it would have been nice to see it released during a less frantic time in the world, but that didn’t stop them from delivering delightful new material anyway.

While a couple of the selections don’t hit the same mark as others, The Girl Who Cried Wolf nonetheless impress with their respectively refined abilities and combine them together to create music that is fresh, atmospheric, and featuring relatable themes that most can sink their teeth into.

Above all else, Crazy Things serves as an ideal demonstration for what this talented pair have to offer, simultaneously continuing to showcase their boundless future potential.


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