SMS | Chapter And Verse – Love & Error



The verses of Bad Blood go at a relatively sleek, mild pace as leading man Josh takes centre stage and effectively showcases some engaging lyrics, and within time, they flick the switch and hit out with these awesomely bombastic choruses that couldn’t possibly fail to get you buzzing.

A few batterings of drums open up Beauty Sleep, which follows a similar format to the preceding track, but the writing is stepped up twofold, becoming the central focus of the song as the words hook you and quickly sink in.

They don’t hold back diving into Always, with the guitarists in particular dishing out these aggressive, loud and large riffs with full force, and this remains constant throughout. In fact, it only escalates as they make progress.

Sweet Time is another addition that features a tremendous chorus which rocks the joint with this off-the-charts dynamic energy and an immense scale to the sound that takes you aback; each member equally contributing to this in their respective fields.

For the final number Where We’ve Been, they go in a notably different direction, considerably more restrained and stripped down, proceeding with Josh at the helm who reminds us with these supreme harmonies that he is indeed one of the country’s finest vocalists, and the blend of strings and sharp bass tones help give the song an added depth.

If there was one apparent issue – a minor one but still worth shedding light on – it’s that the majority of the cuts on this EP follow a repetitive formula, and it becomes quite noticeable as it goes along, so it would have been nice to see some more variety to spice things up, especially at this stage in the game.

Aside from that though, everything else delivers in a big way. Love & Error is a thrilling, heavy-hitting experience laced with a strong emotional undercurrent which provides rock fans with something both wildly entertaining and sensitively absorbing.