VERIDIAN – Novella | SMS


VERIDIAN – Novella

I’ve been intently following Reading rocking quartet Veridian since rising from the ashes of We Caught The Castle, and they’ve consistently delivered across their existence, but their fresh new Novella EP has proven them to be an entirely different beast altogether.

Halo is exactly how an opener should be, a high calibre track that gets you hooked instantly, and in this case that is owed to a sweeping energy, a dynamic sense of scale and a blistering, catchy chorus.

As they settle into a smooth groove with Easier, it’s here we truly get to see Simon’s vocal talents in ripe form, not only technically strong but able to carry forth the emotions of the great writing.

Curtains amps up the power game to a ridiculous degree through Rob’s excellent riffs and the forceful rhythms courtesy of Zak and Jonny, plus the tight-knit blended harmonies and James’ zesty keys again help give the song an extra depth and more extensive size.

Friends is considerably sharper and has a more strident weight to it, also hitting out with memorable hooks, and finally is Pavement, an expertly constructed conclusion that starts off at a lower pace than before; the boys taking their time in building it up and up until hitting a breaking point and firing into a rush while once more impressing with top notch lyrics.

Veridian have well and truly smashed it out the park here with an insanely stellar EP that has taken them to a new level and set them en route for a healthy 2020 in the best way imaginable.


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