The assault begins with the title track, and holy moly, talk about running on all cylinders. Literally, every member brings their A-game from the get-go; no warming up, no settling down, just immediately clicking; and it comes to a head with a phenomenal chorus that you will not only be replaying in your head for days afterwards but be spurred to proudly sing along to.

In the following Destined To Fail, the large, imposing roars are damn good, and perfectly bounce off the pitch-perfect harmonies. The drumming is both sturdy and kinetic and reaches an optimum in the sweet breakdown. Before you even get a chance to breathe, they charge full steam ahead into the massively forceful The Key To Fear, led on by the echoic bass chords and insanely strong, fiery riffs, and that sense of power keeps an unrelenting grasp on you right through to the end.

A Change Of Fate has a danker, filthier edge to it not seen to this degree in the previous entries, and the writing is pretty potent and gripping as well; not to say that it hadn’t been before, but this is where it gets to be truly displayed, and they ramp it up to mammoth levels with the outstanding We Bring Destruction, a five minute banger which is rampant and knock-you-silly heavy, retaining a robust pace as far as they can until they smoothly take it down for a quiet finish.

Ladies and gentlemen, I had high hopes for this EP, and Titan Breed have triumphantly blown away my original expectations. From bell to bell, a total stormer that just nails it in more or less every sense, from the performances, to the themes and lyrics, to the diversity between the numbers.

This band are right up there as one of Scotland’s finest metal acts, and I think we should all be chipping in to help them rise to the top fast.


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