QUICHE – Cardboard Sunset | SMS


QUICHE – Cardboard Sunset

A few years ago, a humble little outfit named Quiche burst onto the Glasgow music scene, and in the short time since their debut, they have swiftly rose up the ranks and established themselves as one of the country’s definitive underground psych-rock acts, and they have totally certified that claim with their recently released new EP – Cardboard Sunset.

Their latest single Dazed makes for a satisfying opener, being quite bright and jazzy and coming through with striking lyrics and a brief but damn sweet overdub-based hook. Grey Matter is even more entertaining, bustling along to a boogieing rhythm complete with a neat mixture of slick basslines, catchy drum beats and the addition of faint claps, plus the vocals are on really great form and the guitars are top notch.

They improve further yet with Silhouette, a sublime number that begins virtually stripped back to not much more than light, radiant keys and magnetic singing, before other elements are thrown in to build it up and it caps off on an astonishingly loaded note.  And then we come to the last of the bunch, Reality’s Not Fun, which also starts off placid and calm, but gradually comes more to life and presents itself as a splendid conclusion highlighted by devilishly cool guitar work.

Quiche have compiled the best of their music in order to produce what is a quick but ultimately impressive dazzler of a record that displays plenty of promise. It certainly gives me hope that this group are en route to a prosperous future, which could very well be achieved if they continue to deliver material of this standard and then some.


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