NICOL & ELLIOTT – My Heart Will Wait | SMS


NICOL & ELLIOTT – My Heart Will Wait

One of the most notable newcomers to the Scottish americana/country sphere last year, the Glasgow-based partnership Nicol & Elliott finally have an EP to present to the world – My Heart Will Wait.

The title number is a pleasingly melodic way to start, where Rachel really shines with her rich harmonies, plus the bass tones, drum beat and chord plucks are various qualities that make it all the better. The strings are particularly lavish in The Long Way Down, and Andrew gets the opportunity to display his vocal flairs this time around and effectively so in conjunction with Rachel; the pair being a perfect match up in that regard.

So Long Ago is a really splendid, steadier tune where all the pieces click together and the lyrics are excellent, and finally is Letting You Go, the sure highlight with everything stripped back to produce a bewitching track that is just oozing with this spine-chilling atmosphere, and the beautiful singing only helps to considerably elevate that.

The purpose of a debut record is to provide a platform for music acts to showcase to everybody what they are capable of, and Nicol & Elliott have made the most of this opportunity by creating a wonderful EP which proves that they can tackle a variety of different styles in great fashion.

I’m excited for what lies in store in the future for this duo, and you should all be too.


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