Madison edges in tenderly with the first song, Fragile Heart, and in a snap, she has your full focus, alluring you in with a sublimely lush and warm voice which is so pure and genuine. It’s easy to believe the words that she sings, and coupled with the stunning pianos, the sense of atmosphere is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The writing continues to shine even brighter in the beautifully melodic Home, you find yourself fixated and enthralled by the story being told, and the chorus is just amazing, and the subsequent Quieten Down has a distinctly catchy pulse to it.

The concept of Simple Love is endearingly heart-warming. As the title suggests, it’s about being humbly grateful for the littlest, most basic of joyous things in a relationship, and she closes out with the powerfully entrancing Treehouse, where the feelings of nostalgia run wild, the emotional investment is at an all-time high, and the overall scope is grand.

The LA-based artist has only went and produced one of the, if not THE, most splendidly fantastic EP’s of 2020 thus far. I can’t think of that many who bring such a beauty and legitimacy to their music on a sentimental level like Madison does, and even the idea of providing two different alternatives to the tracks is a nice touch too.

This lady is a rare kind of special, and mainstream attention for her awe-inspiring capabilities hopefully becomes a reality if the industry was smart enough to place their stakes on her.


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