HOTEL MIRA – Perfectionism | SMS


HOTEL MIRA – Perfectionism

The boys open up with the big and bold title track, where this vibrant energy is formed, showering the audience with thrilling vibes, and if you thought that was a rush, then you ain’t seen nothing yet, because the poignantly personal This Could Be It For Me follows up on that by tripling the buzz with a sweet sound and the most sensationally intoxicating of choruses.

In Jungle, the guitars have a more notable presence, the drum beat thumps hard and the key ensemble vocal hooks are such a joy. Some nice clever lyrics are penned in Arcade Heart, and frontman Charlie here and in the bassy Better On Your Own helps accentuate them with his damn fine, heartful singing, especially in the latter with these huge zealous yells.

In comparison to the previous cuts, Speaking Off The Record is a lot more polished and subdued and effectively so…well, at least until they pick up for the bouncing second round. The Eyes On You reverbs with a pounding pulse, and the exhilarant kicks are fully restored in the supremely glorious and unhealthily addictive Son In Law.

The thrills remain alive and potent in Ladies And Gentlemen, another well-written piece, A Song For Daisy is a simple styled yet captivating song, and they bring it back up for You Know Best, to culminate in an enjoyably explosive manner.

It has been a moment 4 years in the making, but Hotel Mira’s return to full-length territory (assuming we’re taking JPNSGRLS history into account) has resulted in them producing what is far and wide their greatest work to date.

It’s pretty obvious that the trio have made the effort to evolve and built upon their skills from day one, right up until the present day, where they have utilised said skills to their best advantage to put together a dazzling, high quality line-up of tunes that get you invigorated and fired up and in the mood to let loose and go wild. You couldn’t ask for a better Valentine’s Day gift than that, surely?

Hotel Mira, I’ve long considered one of Canada’s most excellent exports, and as of now, they sit headlong atop the mountain.


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