GRAWL!X – Peeps

Maria In Parenthesis serves as the most beautiful of introductions, thanks to the divine mixture of strings and piano keys, but it’s in Murmurations where we get to see the artist at their full capacity, serenading with these delightful harmonies and provoking curiosity with a surreal yet gripping soundscape that is difficult to put into words, it just has to be heard to be believed.

Epicene has a peppy melody and grander scope than before, and it’s only elevated to another level by Umbilica’s sterling guest spot, then Grawl!x shifts the brand into yet another direction with In. There’s a jolly, almost daffy tone to it, the rhythm has a bit of strength behind it thanks to the thick drum beats, and completing it are hints of harmonica and wonderful accompanying vocals.

This Is Real continues that lively, energetic sensation to ensure the already forged smile on your face remains, but then it takes a sudden dark turn towards the end, and that moods flows well into the opening of Chaos, considerably quieter and lower, and the tune as a whole is so mysterious and borderline haunting, getting chills slithering up your spine in the process; screeching noises at the kick off of Apophenia maintain that, but eventually tuning it up into something with a neat prevalent pulse.

Rachel Protector is completely instrumental, yet from the minimal beginning to the jubilant conclusion, it firmly holds your attention. We Dreamed A Blue Dot is short and by itself doesn’t rank anywhere beyond decent, but it proves to be an effective stepping stone to what is an all and all astounding finale in the form of Sonder.

I can’t honestly recall the last instance of being so entrapped within a zone listening to music, but Grawl!x has crafted this incomparably immersive experience with Peeps, which sucks you into a dreamy auditory environment that leaves you feeling like you’ve just been on a magical journey once you find yourself on the other side.



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