FUZ CAULDRIN – Mind Your Head | SMS


FUZ CAULDRIN – Mind Your Head

From note one of Mistress Jane, the band’s music clicks and gets you buzzing, sustaining that as they batter out snappy riffs, crunchy grunge-infused bass lines and a real fine chorus. Mystified only elevates the crazed sensation to another level, just loaded wall to wall with heaps of energy, while also being boosted by good singing, brisk drum beats and simple yet supreme vocal hooks.

But oh boy, it somehow gets even more mental in I’m No Well, as the tempo is booted up to an insane scale that’ll leave you gasping for breath. It’s pure intoxicating, and the super catchy rhythm is beneficial in that area, and while not quite as intense – to be fair, keeping a fire that hot going is a toughie – they keep the power running and flowing through the finale, Lost Our Way.

This is just awesome. No joke, trying to keep still while writing up this review was an impossibility, it’s too contagious to not boogie along like a maniac to.

It’s needless to say that the Bathgate troupe are already displaying plenty of promise here with what will surely go down as one of the most impressive Scottish debut records of 2020.


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