People Come slithers in slowly with Anik’s softly spoken words, a more notable beat coming alive as it progresses and ventures into an entrancing, looping chorus that is lyrically interesting, but even more so, it forges a chilling, magnetic atmosphere.

That same sound is expanded upon in Who’s, with more layers added to a further sublime production – the synths in particular are quite nice – and this is where Una begins to make her contributions with stellar, sleek harmonies.

Part Of Me is an incredibly catchy, dance-based number with a lot of spirit, engaging lyrics and a perfect blend of dual vocals from both of the artists, and Polly has a sharper, darker tone surrounding it, and again, the rapping and singing is tremendous and keeps your attention fused.

Kali resonates with that same vibe but with an extra dose of ambience, especially with them utilising the famously rare halldorophone to stunning effect, and we finally we come to Cast It Away, which continues to ring with a chilling pulse and stick in the head with an insanely good and perpetual hook, from where they gently simmer down and fade to silence.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Lovelife, it’s an utterly captivating experience that takes an intriguing look at romance in a creatively binding manner.

I can say for sure that this is one of the freshest, most original records I’ve been given to look at as of late, and it would be ideal to see the Icelanders be given more mainstream exposure for their cool, noteworthy abilities.



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