A perpetually growing presence in the USA national punk scene, Washington quartet and Wiretap roster members American Television continue their roll with a banging new album entitled Burn It Down.

As you’d expect, they kick off in heavy-hitting fashion with Awkward Universe, but Standing Still is the first track where the lyrics come forth into the limelight, and impressively so as they are spouted with plenty of bitter hostility behind them.

The guitars are on firm form in Dead And Gone, and at least doubly so in the exhaustively immense Drinks, accompanied by chunky bass rumbles and stinging blasts of drums along the way.

There’s no rest for the wicked as they continue the charge through the relentless ParasiteDad’s Song is short and snappy, and while not quite as crazy, Technology hits the mark with the writing for sure.

Wasteland, USA is solid enough, the words of Misprint are a shining facet, and lastly Great Divide makes for a good, catchy finish.

While it loses a little steam nearer the end due to a red-hot middle third, Burn It Down on the whole is a high class effort, an emphatic rush grounded by some noteworthy commentary on the dire state of the world today, and punk rock fans should very much be seeking this out.


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