• #9: THE TETHER’S END (16.2.20) ft. Remission, Kitti, Madison Malone, Oskar Braves, The Naked Feedback, Titan Breed, Kohla, The Outlines, Anna Secret Poet, Grawl!x, Post Ironic State, Matt Megrue, Live Well, Shallow Pools + No Franco 
  • #8: PERFECTIONISM (12.2.20) ft. Hotel Mira, Tom McGuire & The Brassholes, The Girobabies, The JAB, Tafari Anthony, Tribeless, Spawn Zero, Jimi Get Your Funk On, Jester Society, Vulture Party, Withdrones, Go To Girl, Velvet, Fuz Caldrin + Red Hearted Vibrations
  • #7: POST NEO ANTI (9.2.20) ft. Close Lobsters, Craig Russell-Horne, Cryptochrome, Good Good Blood, Steven Kemp, LF System, Hannah Slavin, The Gallerys, Chris Greig & The Merchants, Answering Machine + Zeros & Ones
  • #6: FEED THE ENGINES! (5.2.20) ft. L-Space, Dead By Monday, Werecats, The Atoms, Skimmer, The Crash Mats, Neverman + Angellore
  • #5: CASINO (2.2.20) ft. Anchor Lane, Lucia & The Best Boys, Fat-Suit, The Pedaljets, Gab De La Vega, American Television, The Rhubarb + Our Friends, The Dead
  • #4: SHOW YOUR HAND (29.1.20) ft. Katee Kross, The Good The Bad And The Zugly, Quiche, The Warhawks, Chris Small + Chinese Whispers
  • #3: FALL BETTER (26.1.20) ft. Vukovi, John Edge & The Kings Of Nowhere, Nicol & Elliott, Captain Handsome + Havoc Faction
  • #2: NOVELLA (22.1.20) ft. Veridian, Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves + Titans
  • #1: HERE LIES ORDINARY (19.1.20) ft. Laughing In The Face Of, Fallen Mafia + Bandaid Brigade