Small Advent 2019: Day #3 – Franky’s Evil Party | SMALL FEATURES

This series would be rendered moot as a farce if Franky’s Evil Party weren’t included. I’ve went on and on endlessly about the Dumfries dance psychos, so I’ll do my best to keep this short.

January, King Tuts, supporting Bad Hombres, totally unaware of them before, I was caught completely off guard and left an entirely new man.

Don’t hear from them again until the Leader EP is dropped, absolutely blew me sideaways and made a permanent impression with a batch of mental tracks like nothing else that I’ve heard as of late.

Seen them on stage a couple of times since, and they are a dominant live force that very few can match up to.

You know what, in such an abundant Scottish scene, where we have such a healthy selection of pop, rock and especially indie punk acts at the minute, why don’t we have those who are willing to delve into an original course like this mob?

Well, the fact of the matter is that we pretty much don’t, and therefore Franky’s Evil Party stand as their own unique, unhinged and controversial entity.

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