BUGEYE – Electric


I’ve been fortunate enough to have been made aware of the awesome Reckless Yes label lately, and one such act from the group that has caught my attention is London disco punk quartet Bugeye, who made a stormer of an impression with their latest single.

The track has such a lively, infectious vibe, yet they are still miraculously able to add a definitive level of rawness, in the process creating a cool and interesting sound.

The vocal game is damn strong, the riffs are real cool, the basslines ring with a stiff thickness, the drum beat has a likeable bounce to it, the lustrous keys really stand out, the lyrics catch on quick, and it all comes together in a great, resonant chorus.

Also just learned that they have a record on the way, so consider me signed up for the Reckless Yes membership, because I could do with a copy myself.

NEON SEAS – Dead Cells

One of Scotland’s brightest and most promising synth-pop trios return with what is above and beyond their greatest song yet.

Sam’s pitch-shifting harmonies are stunningly rich, the electronics are blooming with a wonderous radiance, and the main chorus is so hard to scrape out of your head, it’s that catchy.

In addition to that, there’s a cool, stern bass/drum combo which not only effectively carries the rhythm, but gives a tune a darker, harsher tone of sorts which is captivating.

ECHO MACHINE – Headlights

The Dundee new wave outfit kick off the road to the release of their debut album with yet another glamourous song in their library.

A short, enthralling number wholly surrounded in a transcendent ambience that rides along a loaded melody, while featuring cool lyrics, excellent harmonies and exquisite synth sounds.

CLOSE LOBSTERS – All Compasses Go Wild

Can’t praise Last Night From Glasgow enough for how much they’ve contributed to my discovery of new music, and their latest contribution are this local “post-neo-anti” veterans’ most recent single.

A distinct raw bassline running throughout is partnered with a solid drum beat, and the guitars are great too. The vocals have a warmness to them, as does the general sound for that matter, but above all else, it’s the effectively magnetic writing that warrants the most attention.

DANIEL PEARSON – Down The Tracks

The British artist, who’s already had a resounding rate of success in the past, first came under my radar with the tremendous single Satellite Town, and he’s caught off me guard once again with this new beauty.

While structurally straight-forward, this is nonetheless a well-crafted melodic track with a gratifying blend of acoustic and electric riffs, and he and his guest are able to suck in the listening audience with dual polished harmonies and really engaging lyrics.

DENM – Alright

Over the past couple of years, the Huntington Beach artist has been gaining creative satisfaction from his once-side solo project and earning a good reputation with it along the way, and judging by his latest song, it’s easy to see why.

He’s efficiently capable in both the singing and rapping front, fixating the listener’s attention to the gripping lyrics, plus the production is top notch and the almost trippy beat is seriously catchy.

It should also be said that there’s no sense that’s he trying too hard or forcibly attempting to make any sort of statement, it comes off purely natural, and without speaking for anybody else, that quality really cements this for me.

QUICHE – Silhouette

A lot of Glasgow’s hottest acts have been delivering their best material recently, and psych rock outfit Quiche fall into that same boat.

Their second single of 2019 commences in a ravishing, low-tempo fashion, with not much else but subtle keys and a tender mix of harmonies, but towards the half-way point, that becomes accompanied by ear-melting chords, gently grooving basslines and a nice beat, gradually amplifying the energy as they proceed towards a sweeping climatic finish.

PALE FIRE – Various Witches

4 years after the release of their critically acclaimed self-titled album, the Coatbridge alternative rock band are at last back in the limelight, and what a way to return.

All the elements mesh and click here impeccably. Among those, the singing is very warm and sincere, the lyrics manage to make a mark, the melody has a sweeping flow to it, the pianos are excellent, and the brass and strings are beautifully rich and help elevate the scale in a mature fashion.




The Speyside indie folk pop group have a new track coming up very soon, and it’s one I highly recommend looking out for because it’s a doozy.

The harmonies are tremendously healthy and hearty and able to span the gamut pitch-wise, the writing is quite charming, the piano keys are dazzling, and the punchy drum hits make a resounding impact.

And if that wasn’t enough already, the glorious chorus is so memorable, and the staggering vibrant production only makes it all the grander.

KASAMA – Deep Water

The most recent single from this Scottish indie rock group has been out for nearly 2 months now and has warranted them some decent attention, and it’s not much wonder.

It’s a pretty easy-going number with a catchy beat to it that shines with a blend of great vocals, strong and broad acoustic work, smoothly skillful strings and quite the lively chorus that ramps up the tune with an added pulse.


THE ROQUES – Valdivian


With each single that they release, the Dundee five-piece only get better and better, further cementing themselves as a worthy band in this bountiful music scene, and their next effort is no different.

A dense bass sound, easy reverbed riffs and patient drumming help to forge this dark and entrancing atmosphere that hooks you in quickly and enforces your attention throughout.

Boosting this is the magnetic vocals and captivating lyrics, and the pace picks up in the second half, with the track growing into something more involved, highlighted by the devilishly sweet guitars, before slowly fading out and leaving the listener to take in the top notch material that they just experienced.


This trio are my latest discovery from the musically-stacked city of Manchester, and they’ve made an amazing first impression with an infectious tune that is driven by a tight, grooving rhythm that doubles in strength as they unleash into the superbly catchy chorus highlighted by fiery vocals, good hooks and enjoyable lyrics that swiftly stick and are fun to sing along to.

OPARU – Ghost To Follow

An utterly ravishing, dazzling tune with the purest of sounds is brought to life by Dianna’s extensively lush harmonies and splendid writing, and the song is given a cinematic scope from a profound mixture of pleasing pianos, reverberating drums and stunning strings.

CIARA WATT – Iceberg

At only 18 years old, the aspiring Glasgow musician has already been well around the block, benefitting from quality content such as her newest single, which displays plenty of personality in the vocal stylings, plus the guitar work is sensational, the melody is bursting with life, and the writing is quite compelling.

An excellent result that proves Ciara will definitely be one to watch further down the line.

FLOUR FLOUR – Three Eyes

San Francisco-based musician Brian Baughn brings us this delightful track defined by this terrifically bubbly sound coming courtesy of enticing synths and other electronic bites. His harmonies are pleasantly mild, and the lyrics are charming too.

NICKIE CONLEY – 100 Christmas Kisses

Now that we’re into December, it’s time to truly start cranking out the jolly songs, and this particular release from the Nashville native, which leaning a tad on the cheesy side, undoubtedly gets you into the holiday spirit.

Her soulful vocals are very strong and get across the loving tone of the lyrics excellently. It’s simple stuff, but it’s her skills at elevate this into something splendid that is worth putting in your Christmas playlist this season.


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