Small Advent 2019: Day #1 – Half Formed Things | SMALL FEATURES

How apt that we kick off this series with a band who are my favourite Scottish discovery in all of 2019, bar none: Half Formed Things.

I had never heard of the Edinburgh group until they submitted their debut album, To Live In The Flicker, for a review back in May, and holy moly, did they blow me away.

The quartet have such a vivid and imaginative creativity to produce content with a broad, experimental scope and a distinctive sense of maturity that I feel no other act in this country can match up to.

This is a band who are highly respectable not just for their insane talents, but their commitment to present themselves on an equal level, which in turn only elevates their already fiercely bonded chemistry.

Half Formed Things are one of a kind, and I implore those reading this to not dare pass them up. I just now need to see them live and my love will come full circle.

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