THE RONAINS – Funtime Frankie


The Clydebank rock and roll outfit take quite the departure from their usual territory with this total banger, the most apt parting gift imaginable from the beloved legend Shaun Scott.

This is an unhealthily infectious track with the most sublimely radiant of sounds and the catchiest of rhythms.

The shrouded lead vocals mixed with the dazzling female harmonies, the cool riffs, the enjoyable flurry of drums, the bright synths, the thick bassline, the fun lyrics, the memorable main hook…it all just clicks as one perfect beauty of a number, perhaps the best thing they have ever produced to date.

SIIGHTS – One More

The Scottish/Irish pop duo continue their swift rise to the top with yet another enticing number.

A chilled, lo-fi track carried by an exchanging pair of stunning, devoted vocals forming a sweet, soothing melody, while featuring divine piano keys, really nice synths and memorable lyrics, all enveloped within this rich and crisp production.

THE GALLERYS – On The Other Side

Okay, how did I let this Kent trio slip my radar for so long?

Their latest offering is a superb tune with an infectiously rocking energy to it herded by a jumping rhythm. The blend of harmonies are seriously sleek, the guitars are stark, the bass tones solid and the drumming vibrant.

It also has that Beach Boys spirit to it, especially noticeable with the catchy chorus.

GRETA JAIME – Internet Love

While the subject matter of the London-based artist’s new single is one that’s been around the block a lot of as of late, that little downfall is made up for by everything else.

Despite her young age, Greta’s voice is tremendous and dons both a wide range and a grown maturity, which in turns creates this power to hook in the listener and have them entranced. The words are candid, the production is beyond stunning and the chorus really stands out.

An excellent result from a young musician who surely has a lot to offer and has those tools to set her course for a bright future.


The London rock duo’s latest of numerous singles of the year is a success in two senses.

Firstly, on a sonic level, it works in generating this forcibly sharp sound that is built up by a fuzzy and perpetual riff line through the verses, faint bass tones and thumping drum hits, reaching an explosive optimum in the catchy chorus and especially the loud and large climax.

Secondly, and more importantly, the themes tackled through the gripping writing really resonate on a personal level and are brought to this grand life by the fervent harmonies, which also grow in size towards the end.

SPLINTERED HALO – Happy Horrordays

The Glasgow character metal troupe’s music has always been perfect for the spooky Halloween season, so it’s nice to see them branch out and get their claws on the jolliest of holidays with a rugged track that creates a harsh tone with the raw riffs, protruding beat and especially the devilishly singing, plus the youthful choir offsets it and adds an extra creep value.

Admittedly, the production feels like a step down compared to their previous works, sounding kind of rough around the edges, but everything else falls into place nicely and provides a fresh option for those who can’t be bothered with the generic, overly sappy material played in loop around this time of year.

KOHLA – Gorgeous

It has been the longest and most arduous wait ever for Kohla’s debut EP to finally drop, but she’s been nice enough to spill an array of tunes over the past few months, and her latest offering is yet another dazzler.

The title pretty much reflects the quality of the song itself, with a ravishing sound that strikes a chord in the ambient setting, only elevated by Rachel’s sharp and stunning voice, a pulsating beat and a hooking melody; all these elements cranked up in the super satisfying chorus.


Dundee’s resident red-headed pop queen has stepped up to a whole new level with what is easily her greatest song to date.

Although very short and simple, the writing is fiercely emotional and couldn’t possibly trigger some kind of response from the listener, and boosting this element is Demi’s extraordinary voice, which is so heartfelt and able to hit the notes with such ease.


 The Glasgow outfit have been known to produce some compelling music in the past, and their latest single continues that trend in strong fashion.

It’s a captivating song that is able to flawlessly blend feelings of happiness and sadness, and a big part of that is owed to the warm, luminous sound that is fused.

It comes complete with emotionally latching writing, sincerely mellow vocals, firm chords, a smooth rhythm section and serene strings that add to the scale.

GYPSY CIRCUS – A Place To Stay

Perhaps one of the Scottish scene’s most underappreciated rock acts are back to remind us what they’re made of, but this time taking a much more sophisticated direction than ever before.

The mellow singing is very strong and the writing quite magnetic, and the teaming of gentle acoustics and leisurely riffs, mixed in with the calm rhythm, forge this entrancing atmosphere that is splendidly warm and infatuating.

THE KNOW – 143

 The debut single from the LA duo is a sensational shoegaze piece that ignites this charmingly warm and cosy atmosphere, almost transcending the listener into another divine dimension entirely with silky soft harmonies, sparkly synth sounds and a delicately tapping beat.

KAMORA – Wild Thing

The second single from the Glasgow rockers is a nifty track that jogs along to a sleek melody, creating a heavily synth-focused sound that gives it a solid amount of depth.

Adding to that is some hearty mid-pitch singing, great guitars and a really likeable beat that, along with everything else, is upgraded as they proceed into the snappy chorus.


A poignant piece courtesy of the Portsmouth outfit that runs with quite the tender melody detailing the negative effects of humans towards the environment, while paying tribute to the goodness of nature.

The harmonies are sincere, the guitar line is smooth and the beat has an engagingly subtle pulse to it.


Hot off the success and hype of their previous release, the Geordie rockers have followed up with another cracking tune.

The song is a short but fruitful burst of energy that bounces along to a nice rhythm while the guys bust out with solid riffs, great beats and peppy singing, and that main hook – while deceptively simple – is just perfect for participation at gigs.

The production could have done with better mastering, but otherwise, another fun addition to their fast-growing arsenal.

FAWKES – Don’t Stop Loving Me

The new kids on the Scottish block have made a tasty first impression with this belter of a tune that is wrapped in this enticing rock vibe that even has the subtlest touch of blues to it.

The vocal work is great, the thick bass chords are marvellously avid, and the lyrics do well to grab the lister’s attention.

A worthy starter for ten, and I’m quite keen to hear more from this troupe.

NICKY RUBIN – I’ll Never Forget You

Nicky Rubin is a candidate for perhaps the single most underrated singer-songwriter in the entire British scene right now. He’s been churning out nothing but smashing numbers all year long, and now here he is again, keeping that streak going.

He has this demanding power to captivate with his very interesting, striking writing, and a big part of that is the sheer sincerity that he’s able to bring to his vocal performance.

Adding to the equation is a sensational, melodic sound clipped together by good riffs, sizable drum beats and especially these stupendous strings that build up the track’s scale to another level.


ASTRAL SUNS – Groove Train


 The second in a trilogy of tunes by the Fife rock band lets you know exactly what you’re in for just by the title alone.

A swank banger that hits the senses in an intoxicating fashion with a sweet merge of radical riffs, a nifty bassline running across the duration, a nice and catchy drum beat, and ample singing.

THE TRANQUIL – Breakdown

Putting the slightly rugged mixing aside, the Bellshill rock quartet’s latest track is a respectable one that flows with a neat groove, a catchy rhythm, solid lyrics that are easy to cling on to, and most of all, distinctly cool and sharp guitar chords that are prominent from start to finish.


ROTHSCHILD – Make Me A Martyr


The Leeds rock trio give one hell of a preview to their forthcoming debut EP with a full-frontal stormer of a track that shakes with tenacious riffs, a relentlessly intense rhythm that doesn’t hold back, sturdy vocals, great lyrics and a superbly packing chorus.

Oooft, definitely ones to keep a close eye on.

ART BLOCK – The Basement

The London artist grasps the attentive listener’s full focus with a very mesmerising song that is minimally quiet to begin with, before adding layers as it proceeds, all the while maintaining interest with solid, gentle vocals and pulling lyrics.

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