In The Know’s 2nd Birthday Bashin’! | SMALL GIG TRIPS


On the afternoon of the event, it had been announced that Charrette had to unfortunately pull out due to gear issues, which was a shame because they are a cool bunch.

Luckily, my past experiences with the other 2 acts on the bill had been positive so, barring any major snafus, I still felt like I’d be getting my money’s worth.

Paisley electronic pop duo DRIFT were first to go up, whom I originally stumbled upon at the King Tuts NYR festival in January and had been a fan of since.

Honestly speaking , I had totally forgotten just how strong their live game was, and it was even better than ever here.

To begin with, in addition to her charming banter between songs, Linzi had such an alluring style of singing that really showcased her ravishing, sweeping-ranged voice, plus she was very loose, charismatic and utilised the free space around her.

Although to be fair, the latter is easy to do when you’re not surrounded by umpteen instruments like Andrew was, and on that note, he kept himself busy with sweet delicate chords, sleek piano keys and just manning the technical side of things in general, and efficiently so, while also providing his fair share of warm harmonies.

There were no weak links in their setlist, all featuring these dark and beautifully enchanting melodies as well as catchy rhythms; the key selections including Baby Maker, Edge Of Love and the fiercely addictive Lifeline.

Knitted together by a tight chemistry, DRIFT are fast becoming one of the most promising prospects of their town’s bountiful scene, and I have a sneaky suspicion that they are gradually going to become major players in the country throughout 2020 and beyond, so people, watch this space…



Now for the second half of the night, featuring Super Inuit from Edinburgh, who I had discovered this past summer when given their fabulous debut EP to review, and now this was my chance to see them in the flesh, thanks to the fact that their original show in Glasgow was cancelled, so a wee stroke of luck there.

Equipped with a lofty stage set-up, they deliver nice tracks that more often than not forged a chilling sense of atmosphere, comprised of bright synths and neat choices of beats and samples put into play, and in spots, they would even slip into an engaging haunting territory, which is where they seemed to shine best.

Effective also were the multi layered vocals which again boosted the ambience and aided in drawing the audience towards the gripping lyrics.

An overall solid and satisfying performance that made a fine impression, and left me happy to finally check them off my bucket list.


And incidentally, I never realised balloons could breakdance, but I saw it with my own eyes…

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