Cloth’s Album Launch @ CCA | SMALL GIG TRIPS


Fellow Last Night From Glasgow roster pals Lemon Drink had the duty of opening the night. My first run in with the group came back in March right before they were announced as part of the label, when they supported Love Couple at 13th Note, and despite some minor flaws, they had thoroughly impressed myself.

They were even better this go around, with their craft across the board undeniably improved, and being in a bigger venue, they were able to elevate to the scope that was required out of them. They had a loose and natural confidence – Sophie especially – a peppy energy and just this sense that they were actually having fun up there, a key element in connecting better with the crowd; well achieved in my personal case.

Another strength is their ability to implement plenty of variety into their music. For example, they could play something slow and steady like Ghosts, but then seamlessly sweep into something like Demon Child, probably their best of the lot, particularly due to the superb chorus and the several directions undertaken in such a short time frame. Other highlights from the sweet set list included Manic, Gomez and their noteworthy single A Song For You.

Top it all off with polished vocals, nice dual riffs and the tightest of rhythm pairings, creating an infectious indie pop sound sneaking in drabs of surf rock and other influences, and you have a quartet who have really stood out in 2019 and are surely destined for greater things, so best to hop on the Lemon Drink bandwagon ASAP.

Trekking in from London were the only fresh faces to me – Chorusgirl – but as per tradition, I kept myself in the dark to allow myself the joy of blind surprise.

The clashing, divergent twin guitars allowed for an effectively broader sound, and that was boosted by the solid basslines and banging drum work which, when combined, echoed with a visible force.

The delivery in the singing felt raw and real, which helped to accentuate the vividly honest writing, and all these pieces help contribute to material with a juicy alternative punk rock vibe of sorts that clearly had the attention of the now packed room, with many heads towards the front bobbing along to the immensely addictive beats; the occasional “woo!” being thrown out here and there.

The penultimate tune (sorry for being a dummy and letting the title slip past me) was the focal point, a lengthy, depth heavy monster that generated excitement and earned themselves a raving ovation.

Starting off reasonably well and only getting stronger with each passing number right up to a palpable ending, Chorusgirl were flat out amazing and had left a lasting impact on the public of a city miles from home.

And here was the moment the capacity capped room were waiting for: Cloth, ready to officially launch their highly approved debut album, and you know what, given the madness that preceded them, you couldn’t have asked for a better act to settle down the mood into something more low-key.

The three emerged to a passionate applause as the haunting Other played in the background, before a respectable silence formed when they commenced with the utterly captivating single Felt.

Holder was an exquisite display of the Swinton twins’ trademark simplistic yet sublime guitar work, and evolving from there, Taxi added some extra meat and in turn provided a more involved track. That trend continued into Tripp, focused especially around subtly provoking vocal hooks courtesy of Rachael’s beautiful delicate harmonies.

Old Bear got folk swaying their bodies around with a pleasing melody while Clare was pulling a hefty multitasking shift on the percussion side of things. The ravishingly magnetic Curiosity Door invoked serious tingles down the spine, and that chilling atmosphere remained in Moons, dominated by these intricate chords and effects.

They wrapped up initially with the nice Brooklyn, but after their exit, yells, claps and stamping feet reverberated, so of course they had to return and truly culminate with the tremendous encore, Demo Love.

Cloth had a lot of hype surrounding them, and expectations were sky high, but just like with the record, they delivered.

The trio’s performance was a dazzling one that demonstrated their complex minimalist material in it’s purest form, and knowing fine well that there was no way of masking conspicuous flaws, they had evidently rehearsed and tightened up their games to the finest degree, and because of that, they stood triumphant on the most important day of their entire lives.

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